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Merchant Services for Small Business

Merchant Services for Small Business

The thought of spending your hard-earned revenue on the procession of credit cards is an uncomfortable and stressful factor in handling payments. Small business owners have credit card processing fees that can be overwhelming on their income. A 2016 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that fifty percent of small businesses fail due to a mismanagement of funds.

Small merchant services provider

Merchant services for small business platforms should help you turn your revenue into exponential benefits. Banks do not offer merchant services and will often use a third party to manage the project.

Working with FinTech gives you direct access to merchant services instead of sending you a third party redirect website. You will gain sturdy protection against fraud to guarantee yourself with safe credit card transactions and smooth cash flow. These settings encourage a prompt collection of receivable accounts and an automatic procession of paid invoices.

PCI Compliance

A payment gateway uses a cloud-based credit procession software to facilitate transactions between the user and the network. The gateway passes funds from the client’s credit card to the merchant account and confirms the adherence to all PCI specifications, such as tokenization and encryption.

Small business credit card processing companies that do not have an integration of PCI compliance risk major security breaches and loss of thousands of dollars due to fraud. Processing compliance of PCI protects a small business’ revenue by eliminating the hefty funds that could be as high as $10,000 in one month.

Payment integration

Best merchant service providers for small businesses integrate and automate your business processes with an ERP system. The system eliminates the entry of double data and potential error in the entry of data. These merchant services report that ninety-one percent of small to medium business owners reduce the back-office expenses by approximately twenty-one percent. More so, the system has increased focus on helping customers and by taking attention away from the system’s processes.

Personalized service

A small business owner has a high priority for time management. A provider who minimizes time wastage by giving the business’s clients direct access to the customer care service. Personalized customer care service guarantees one access to the cheap procession of credit cards and increased business revenues.  Best credit card processors of 2020 have an all-in-one solution that integrates the payment gateway with an in-house customer support team.

Flat rate

Make sure the business has flat-rate pricing to guarantee the same low monthly rate for all credit card processions. Stay away from providers with tier pricing programs because the margin will be unseen because they consider it a non-qualified rate.


Modern consumers prefer fast and easy card procession options. Merchant services for midsize and small business owners with modern processors increase their client retention capability. Some helpful technologies for brick and mortar stores include the following:

  • EMV verification with a countertop credit card machine for small neighborhood stores
  • Contactless payment for Visa cards, which are popular with small-sized restaurants
  • Mobile swipes for merchants with a constantly mobile business such as a food truck

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