With over 40 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Linda Hevelone stands out as a meticulous professional, an astute analytical thinker, and an efficient problem solver. Working as a Mortgage Underwriter IV with The CORE Region at USA Mortgage, Linda has enjoyed the satisfaction of analyzing risk and working closely with her team.

Through a continuous effort to improve her knowledge of the industry through training, Linda is exceptionally knowledgeable about all aspects of the mortgage business from retail and wholesale, origination, servicing, and more! Linda is renowned for her unrivaled capacity to give clients and internal partners up-to-date information and thoroughness in crosschecking details, which is the core of her efficacy.

An impressively hands-on Mortgage Underwriter and a purist of her make-sense philosophy, Linda works closely with her team, takes the bulk of the work, and tackles all the pain points, thinking outside the box to ensure they have a seamless experience. From the inception of the process to the closing phase, Linda communicates continually with her team, offering essential advice and support. She is very orderly in multiple guidelines, strong in staff appraisals, and working with other relevant professionals and colleagues to guarantee a timely closing.

Linda’s kind and warm personality and great listening skills make a positive difference for both clients and co-workers. In her spare time, Linda enjoys gardening, crafting and most of all spending time with family and her pets.