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Claudia Torres is a born and raised Texan, devoted wife and mother of two. She has lived in the DFW area for 24 years. As a long life resident of Dallas, Claudia has witnessed the tremendous change and growth that’s transformed the area into one of the most sought after destinations. Buying her first home with her husband in the DFW area ignited Claudia’s interest in real estate and mortgage.  As a Processing Assistant for USA Mortgage, Claudia will use her industry knowledge to engage with the entire Operations team in order to increase effectiveness and productivity for both internal and external customers.

Claudia has a passion for meeting new people and developing a strong relationship with everybody she meets. “The number one priority for me is the customer experience. Buying a home is one of the most memorable occasions in most people’s lives and my goal is to be available and provide the best experience possible- every time.”