Virtual CE Classes on Zoom

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Since April, we – USA Mortgage: Core Region has partnered with Elite Inspection Group and Grenadier Homes to offer 11 Virtual CE Classes on Zoom!

The classes we have offered are listed below with more information.

  • Septic Systems 101 – What you don’t know about septic systems can cause A LOT of future headaches for buyers. This course fulfills a 1 hour CE credit for real estate professionals and answers these questions: What is a Lateral line vs an Aerobic septic system?  How old the unit is and does it need to be pumped?  Do Septic tanks need maintenance?  How do I inspect a septic system?


  • Advanced HVAC – Freon vs Puron – This class informed attendees of the important changes that affected AC Units in 2020 and answers these questions: Why do you need to know the difference between Freon and Puron?  When and why was Freon discontinued?  How does this affect you as a Listing or Buyer agent?  How to tell if you have a Freon or Puron system?  What is Puron and why is it here?


  • Wood Destroying Insects & Reporting – This class will educate you on what termites and carpenter ants are and how they can destroy a house.  You will learn what conditions are most conducive for them to survive and what treatment options are available.  By the end, you will be able to read a WDI report like a pro!


  • Foundations – Slab vs Pier & Beam – During this class, the instructor discusses the different types of foundations and if an inspector has to render an opinion on the foundation.  You will also learn the visible and not-so-visible signs that may indicate a foundation issue.


  • Swimming Pools – You will discover what can and cannot be seen when inspecting a pool: the pool bonding, diving boards, fencing, equipment, and more!


  • Water Heaters – In this class, we will cover what realtors need to know to help their clients.  Common deficiencies and safety concerns are identified along with education on expansion tanks and their purpose.


To get more information on the CE classes planned in the future

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