Top 10 Steps When Buying a House

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There are a ton of steps that go into buying a house, we’ve listed the top ten things you should do once your offer is accepted.

  • Earnest Money

Make sure that you deliver the earnest money in the format and timeline agreed upon in your sales contract.

  •  Property Inspection

Choose your inspectors and get them scheduled as soon as possible to determine if any repairs are needed before your contract deadline.

  • Lender Documents

Let your lender know that you are under contract and make sure to give them their requested documents on time.

  • Title Commitment

Be sure to review the Title Commitment once you receive it from the Title Company.

  • Appraisal

The appraisal should be ordered as soon as you have performed your inspections and resolved any issues.

  • Insurance

Choose your homeowner’s insurance provider and give relevant information to the Title Company and your lender.

  • Utilities

Scheduling all of your utilities to be transferred or turned on before closing on the house is vital to ensuring you are ready and prepared for your move!

  • Schedule Closing

Be sure to schedule your closing early in the process to make sure the Title Company has a convenient slot open.

  • Final Walkthrough

Before closing, do one final walkthrough to make sure everything is in order and ready to purchase your new home.

  • Close the Deal

Bring your photo ID and certified funds to closing and be sure to be on time.

Following these 10 steps will be the key to success during your homebuying process.