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Scott Crawford

My little Loan Partner and I are taking mortgage applications this morning. If Mickey Mouse Clubhouse isn’t on, she will gladly take your call! USA Mortgage: CORE Region #swagsaturday – Scott Crawford

Dot.Matrix completely ready for that frisbee to be thrown!! 🙌 and Avi 😍with all that sass for USA Mortgage: CORE Region’s #swagsaturday PS: Its Cheer Season 🎉 VK did great today! – Meredith Quach

Lending break? Nah…. great restaurant, owner and client. Like the post for USA Mortgage: CORE Region @USAMortgagePros give away Edgar J. Santiago #margaritatime #investmentproperties #mortgageadvice #mortgageadvisor #mortgage #friends – Edgar Santiago

Swag Saturday with my Lil Mortgage Loan Originators! Hit me up with any questions about a home purchase or a refinance! USA Mortgage: CORE Region – Travis Chandler

Pink the Park Tournament with two of my faves!!!! 🥎 🏆 USA Mortgage: CORE Region @USAMortgagePros #SwagSaturday – Brandon Ore and Kaci Blankenship

All Smiles for @USAMortgagePros! – Haleigh Madrid


#usamortgagepros #Culture #OURTEAMROCKS!