Kicking Off 2020 with Food, Wine & History in Downtown McKinney

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When you want to set the vision for 2020 in a way that focuses on community, team and growth – what better way to do it than booking a food, wine and history tour in downtown McKinney?

We Ate Well Tours took us on an EPIC journey all over downtown! The tidbits of historic information kept all of us surprised, entertained and constantly learning, while the food, wine, beer and eventually, Sopapilla Lattes kept our taste buds happy (thank you, Filtered)!

Starting the year is always a blast with a team like ours – but these team events are LEGIT! 🏆

If you haven’t booked a tour with We Ate Well, it’s a must-do! We also recommend a nice Happy Hour at one of the local pubs when your tour is over (we know from experience that the downtown pubs can’t be beat!). Our community is truly something special!

🎥cred: Xtreme Heights