CORE Team Holiday Par-TEE!

It’s understandable to question the relevance of holiday parties in the 2020 workplace during a global pandemic. With many companies taking more steps to incorporate virtual gatherings and virtual happy hours year-round. Holding a big company party during one of the scariest times of the decade might seem counterintuitive. However, we decided it might be more important than ever for your business to not only host a holiday party but to use it as an opportunity to show employee appreciation and help our new team members to better get to know the company and each other.

This year we had both a virtual get together and also a socially distanced event in an outdoor space. We would like to give a huge SHOUT-OUT to Top Golf in Allen, TX for ensuring that our Par”TEE” could be celebrated with confidence and for helping create a very safe environment.

Top Golf has implemented several new measures designed to protect the health of their Guests and Associates. For more information about Top Golf’s Commitment to Play Safely: Learn More.